June 14, 2020

NGHTMRE Live Stream

We have been working with NGHTMRE to create a fully custom and innovative approach to the livestream.


Featured streams for :

UCSB – Student stream

Riot Games – League Of Legends Stream

Digital Mirage 2.0

Lollapalooza 2020

Insomniac – Portal Tour



Production Company: T2 Visuals

Production Design: T2 Visuals

Creative Direction: Tanner Thompson

Technical Direction: Tanner Thompson

Notch Designer: Tanner Thompson, Christopher May, Dayton Turney

Touchdesigner Programming: Tanner Thompson, Pete Thornbury

Lollapalooza + Portal Tour Lighting Designer: Kendrick Su

FOH Modeling: Max McDougall

Digital Mirage VJ: Christopher May

Lollapalooza VJ: Tanner Thompson

Lollapalooza Photogrammetry: Matt Guertin

Portal Tour VJ: David Adato

Portal Tour Animations: Tanner Thompson, Dayton Turney, Christopher May, Lee Gregory, Nolan Martin, George Chiesa, Stephen Spaeth, Tyler Fordham

Media Server: T2 Visuals Custom Build – TouchDesigner + Resolume

Open Project

Faced with the cancellation of all touring show production due to Covid-19 in early 2020, we worked with NGHTMRE to develop a suitable replacement for the fans to get a show-like experience.

  • Strategy

    Live Stream

  • Design

    Realtime, Notch, Art Direction

  • Client


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